Westlite Community

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Community Programs for the Residents

Centurion prides ourselves on having a heart for our people and residents, a key strength around which our business evolves. This reflects the foundation of the Group’s growth and success which comprises of various ingredients such as genuine care and consideration given to residents at Centurion’s accommodation. Various initiatives have been undertaken to ensure that the residents are provided with conducive and safe living conditions and instilling a sense of community.

As the group develops and strengthens its accommodation business, we will continue to do so with a heart.

To ensure that our residents are well looked after, we have established a comprehensive range of community programs for them:

  • Community Activities
  • Physical and Emotional
  • Education

1. Community Activities

1.1 Sport Activities

  • Quarterly sport competitions are organized at each of our workers accommodation.
  • Some of the activities include volleyball, basketball, badminton, street soccer, talent search, bodybuilding, etc.
  • Winners of each accommodation will come together to compete for Westlite Inter-Accommodation Championship Cup.

1.2 Excursion to Attractions

  • We organize quarterly excursions to attractions in Singapore for our residents.
  • Westlite will provide 2-way transportation the excursions.
  • The entrance fee or other fee may be partially subsidized by Westlite.

1.3 Carnivals

  • Carnivals will be held on long weekends at each workers accommodation.

1.4 Westlite Resident Variety Night

  • Each workers accommodation will have a resident variety night every year.
  • There will be local celebrities and performances by residents from the workers accommodation.

1.5 Community Time

  • To promote community cohesiveness, a monthly community session will be held together with movie screenings at each workers accommodation.
  • A short talk on health or hygiene matters may be provided.

1.6 Birthday Celebrations

  • Westlite celebrate the birthdays of our residents on a quarterly basis.
  • Residents whose birthday month falls during the quarter will receive gifts specially prepared by Westlite.

1.7 Roadshows for Residents

  • Westlite works closely with various organisations and government agencies including the Migrant Workers’ Centre, National Environment Agency, Ministry Of Manpower, Singapore Police Force and Singapore Customs to organise road shows for our residents. Our residents receive useful knowledge and information on:
    1. Personal and Community Hygiene
    2. Workers’ Rights
    3. Do’s and Don’ts in Singapore
    4. Contraband Items in Singapore

1.8 Movie Screenings

  • Movie screenings of films from different countries and a wide variety of genres are held every Sunday at each workers accommodation.

2. Physical and Emotional

  • To ensure that our residents’ physical and emotional needs are well taken of, Westlite actively organise medical screening, counselling, occupational therapy or physiotherapy sessions for our residents.
  • Regular health talks are scheduled to help residents better understand how to achieve and maintain personal health.
  • Counselling services are available on an ongoing basis and these services are extended to the residents whenever necessary.

3. Education

  • Our interest and care for the well-being of our residents also extends to the educational arena.
  • We wish to inculcate and provide a conducive environment and opportunities for continuous and lifelong learning for our residents.
  • Our education program provides useful and practical courses that help the workers improve their communication skills and integrate better with our local community.
  • The workers tend to start their own businesses when they return to their country. Our educational programs also provide our residents with useful skills and knowledge which will hopefully benefit the residents and their families when they return to their country.