Westlite Woodlands


Westlite Woodlands
2 Woodlands Sector 2,
Singapore 737723

Gross Floor Area    28,626 sqm
Land Area                9,542 sqm

Enquiry Contact

Tel             +(65) 6250 6616
Email        enquiry@westlite.com.sg
Website    www.westlite.com.sg


Westlite Woodlands is a 4,100-bed workers accommodation newly completed in July 2015. The property contains comprehensive facilities including sports facilities, gymnasium, reading rooms, and will house workers from process, marine, manufacturing and other sectors.

Strategically located near the Woodlands industrial hub the dormitory targets workers from the marine, process and manufacturing industries in the northern part of Singapore. It is easily accessible via the expressways i.e. KJE, BKE and makes for convenient travel for our residents to their workplace.


ATM, cricket practice pitch, food court, games room, handphone shop, indoor gym, outdoor basketball, volleyball, sepak takraw and street soccer courts, outdoor fitness corner, sick bay, supermarket and TV room.